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About Us

Crusade-India was formed in 2002 by its Founder President, Mr. K.C.Agrawal. Deeply moved by the poverty stricken, backward and illiterate masses of our country, he took upon himself to change the facet of the country. He did extensive research and analysis to findout as to what can be done to pull our nation from its present dilapidated scenario and place it amongst the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world. This culminated into his great works, his books, Shaping India of our dreams, Mere sapno ke bharat ka nirman(in Hindi), Crusade India, India in Shambles, India in Chaos-Judiciary Can Save(translated in Hindi and Bangla as well).

His dedication, perseverance and will power is a lesson for everyone to emulate and follow. unswerving resolution”.His relentless journey of the last 35 years in the service of humanity and mankind is an inspiration for everyone.

Seminars and Awareness drive to create awareness about Indian Constitution


- ‘Mr K.C. Agrawal is an Engineer by Profession but a lawyer by choice. He told us about what the country has lost and what can be redeemed out of it’.

— Hon’ble Mr Justice T.S. Thakur
former Chief Justice of India
(during a seminar at India Law Institute New Delhi, Sept. 2014)


- Mr K.C.Agrawal’s book is an eye opener for all. The book is useful for all strata of our society and our guardians - Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary. I would want the book be read by large people of the country. Indeed the time comes to implement the Constitution.

— Hon’ble Dr Mahesh Sharma
during a seminar in Noida, August, 2014.
Now Union Minister of India.