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About Us

Crusade-India was formed in 2002 by its Founder President, Mr. K.C.Agrawal. Deeply moved by the poverty stricken, backward and illiterate masses of our country, he took upon himself to change the facet of the country. He did extensive research and analysis to findout as to what can be done to pull our nation from its present dilapidated scenario and place it amongst the most prosperous and powerful nations in the world. This culminated into his great works, his books, Shaping India of our dreams, Mere sapno ke bharat ka nirman(in Hindi), Crusade India, India in Shambles, India in Chaos-Judiciary Can Save(translated in Hindi and Bangla as well). Read more..

Crusade India

Towards a New Dawn Empower the Nation through Education and Awareness


The rights of the people of India are protected by our Constitution and also the charter and various treaties of the United Nations (UN) such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR, 1948). The fulfilment of basic objectives as defined in the Constitution, namely economic freedom, dignity, equality of status, opportunity, and fraternity are our fundamental rights.

India today is divided into two parts Urban India and Rural India. Urban India has access to basic and advance facilities of Health and Education however Rural India which forms over 70% of our population living in or migrating from Rural India, largely remains deprived of these facilities. Government has taken various steps to touch life in Rural India through development programs and bring them into mainstream of growth and prosperity.

Crusade-India in Urban India:

1. Woman and Child Welfare through legal awareness and empowerment programs. We provide training and awareness on legal rights and life-skill training in urban social-economic challenges faced by migrants.

2. Basic life support to destitute: We provide nutritious diet, warm cloths and basic medical support to people without shelter living of public places like footpath, under-bridge, Govt. run shelter homes etc.

3. Create awareness about various Govt. support schemes and facilitate its implementation through guidance and contact with concerned officials and departments.   Read more..

Crusade-India in Rural India:

1. Training to farmers for better agricultural practices.

2. Expert visit to villages for guidance in Agriculture, Dairy and related fields.

3. Woman and Child Welfare through legal awareness and help when required.

4. Awareness programs for health and hygiene in rural India. Today most of rural population is deprived of basic amenities of livelihood like proper food, water, education and health services. Crusade-India undertakes village level programs to create awareness about basic cleanliness and organization of self-help groups to undertake development of these services. Read more..